Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Ok...really...this is my LAST Halloween post!

I don't know what everyone else does but in my family I always set up a big snack spread for pretty much every holiday...because I like snacks. Don't judge me.

Since Halloween is all about's appropriate! Cue the Blackberry Bourbon Cupcakes!

These were actually really simple to make if you are into baking 
So the ones with the little squeeze tube skulls were the "adult only" alcoholic version and the ones with the sugar silhouette toppers were for the kids! You basically just make a basic white cake and fold in some diced up blackberries before you bake them. For the frosting I just did a basic white chocolate buttercream, takes like 5 minutes to make! Thennnnn for the little skull squeeze tubes, I just threw some blackberries in a saucepan and covered them in sugar. I added some bourbon and once the sugar dissolved and it turned into a syrup, I just strained out the blackberries and tah-dah!
These are the cupcakes and cookies the big kids made the night before! So cute!
How cute are these skull mason jars from Michael's?! 
These little pumpkin shaped chocolates from Trader Joe's were so good! I ate most of those myself! lol
I make these floats for the kids every year! Basically just organge or green sherbert and then you can pour sprite or orange crush over it and add gummy worms for fun!

So in case you didn't already family is a circus and the little one tends to run the show so our Halloween costumes were perfect! My 9 yr old didn't want to participate in the family costume so he was a Halo character or something! lol



Ok, so that really was the last Halloween post, I know you are sad but the Turkey Day and Christmas posts are coming!! I'm also going to post a "Favorite Things" post soon since that was popular on my last blog! Feel free to throw suggestions my way! 



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