Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fall Mini Staycation

Hey guys!! Finally got around to posting this, better late than never!

The weekend before Halloween we headed up to Dallas! I had been looking around online for a cool pumpkin patch to take the kids to bc we were kind of bored with all of the ones around Houston.

I stumbled across the Dallas Arboretum and I booked a hotel moments later! They seriously have the most AMAZING pumpkin patch set up EVER! Not to mention the entire property is beautiful!

I was actually told the pumpkins were like down to about half the amount when we went bc the weather had been so hot, so next year I want to try to visit the first weekend it opens!

I think the cost for all 5 of us to get in was around $70 (Scarlett was free I think bc she is under age 2). They had food carts and restaurants on site and I saw some people bring picnics in as well which was pretty cute!
She was in heaven!
Scarlett & Daddy
It's super hard to get the big kids to pose for photos these days but I bribed them!
I was so excited about the cinderella carriage but she wanted nothing to do with it.
This picture of my girls is everythingggggg!

I took a bunch of pics bc this place is just perfect for photos, feel free to go in my Facebook page and check out the Fall 2016 album for more!


Of course, when in Dallas, you must go to In-N-Out Burger! They are still snubbing HTX but at least they are in Texas now! I think we are there 4 times on this trip! lol

Baby bird chasing big sis down for "bites"!

Of course since Sprinkles was like 2 blocks from our hotel, I had to hit that up too. Yes, we have one in Houston but it was RIGHT THERE. Who can pass up cupcakes?

and the Sprinkles Ice Cream shop was right around the corner too sooooo...

You guys, I seriously DIE for the Red Velvet ice cream at Sprinkles. Like, just build me a room in the back.

You can't go to Dallas without doing some shopping and since that's what I do best (apart from eating) we had to make it happen!
This is what she does when she wants me to pick her up. 
I was in Pottery Barn Kids so long Leila had to sit down. Oops.
We are always on the hunt for pumpkin photo ops! This was her telling me "No. No. Nice."

Halloween sock party in the hotel lol

It was a great little Fall mini trip, I definitely plan to do it again next year! I'm still a bit behind on posting but I will be doing one last Halloween post this week about our "Hallo-weekend"! Don't forget to check out my Fall 2016 album on facebook for more pics from Dallas!

I'm also going to start posting 2-3 times a week now so any post suggestions are welcome!! 




  1. You got some awesome photos! And sounds like some awesome food!!

  2. Sounds like you had a great time in Dallas! LOVE the Cinderella carriage <3